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When you think about how far technology has come with computers and laptops it’s not hard to believe that the smallest laptop in the world can fit in your back pocket.  UMID has come out with a laptop that is 150 x 94 x 18mm and has a 4.8″ touch screen.  It has a 1.3Ghz Intel Processor and 16GB of storage, and can run either windows XP or Linux .  The keyboard is quite small but it looks cool, a lot of people do not like the almost $770.00 price tag though. A lot of people say that the ebook is better, or that if your going to get something that small you might as well get a smart-phone.

Best Laptop for Linux 2019
Best Laptop for Linux 2019

I honestly think this laptop is more of a thing The M1 comes in either white or black color.where you say you have one, then it would be to used practically. The screen is tiny, the keyboard is small and anyone with big digits can forget about typing on it. Its to big to safely put in your pocket like a cell phone and not have to worry that it will break in half. They only thing I could see using it for would be replacing my PSP to watch movies because it is capable of watching movies in any format which is convenient. But other then that there really is no practical use for it.

And if you are talking about price, $770.00 is a lot of money for a toy if you ask me.  I’m sure there will be a lot of people out there that will get one because they don’t have anything better to spend their money one but it won’t be me.  I was always the type of person where I want the biggest screen possible on my laptop and I don’t see spending that much money on something so small.

But for those people out there that are planning on getting one go ahead, I heard it is a really good product.  The battery life on it is amazing from what I have heard and the touch screen is nice as well.  It does have an ergonomic keyboard so your fingers won’t get really little cramps in them if you have to type anything that is really long.  There are pictures of it on this page and a video at the link at the top.